Why Choose Hamilton Financial as your Investment Manager?


  1. For conventional savings and pension portfolios, we only use pooled investments – otherwise referred to as funds.
  2. We have been recommending successful investment funds for the last five years.
  3. We do not cross sell – many discretionary fund managers are obliged to buy their own “in house” funds.
  4. We do not sell guaranteed “products” (if something seems too good to be true it usually is).
  5. We do not sell investment products which carry high front end commission such as investment bonds and “structured products.”
  6. Other firms invest in hedge funds, absolute funds, derivatives or anything else which they don’t fully understand. We won’t do this. (Jeremy Clarkson visited the island of Mustique and commented “The place was full of Hedge Fund managers but I didn’t meet any Hedge Fund customers.”)
  7. We do not recommend any funds which carry performance fees (the interests of the fund managers are not aligned with their investors).
  8. You won’t have to read the small print to find out what we charge. Find out here.
  9. We will not invest client’s money until they have understood the full extent of investment risk.
  10. We are experts on assembling smaller company IHT exempt investment portfolios.