Hamilton Financial Charges


Our Charges in Brief

Initial advice fee agreed in advance
Annual Management Charge of 0.4 – 0.75%
(or 0.6 – 1.25% for Inheritance Tax Exempt Portfolios)
No Commission on trades
No initial commission
No rebalancing charges


  • You don’t need to look at the small print to see what we charge.
  • Charges are always agreed at the outset.
  • Fees for financial, investment and taxation advice are calculated using our hourly rate of £175/hour.
  • If we are in receipt of commissions on products we recommend (e.g. Life Assurance and Income Protection products) we state these in advance of the work we perform.
  • Here is our guide to Hamilton Financial charges:
    • Investment advice at commencement – per fee quote.
    • Initial commission on investment purchases – nil.
    • For Annual Management Charges relating to investments, see below.
    • Commission Charges relating to buying and selling investments, see below.
    • Rebalancing charges – per fee quote.
    • For protection products – either fee or commission.
    • For mortgage products – either fee or commission.

 Annual Management Charges for Investment Advisory Work

  • Annual Management Charges relating to investments are charged on a monthly basis and debited to your platform. These are calculated as a percentage of assets under management per the following table (subject to a minimum of £300 p.a.):-
Portfolio Size Standard Portfolio on Platforms IHT Exempt Aim Portfolio



Next £500,000-£1,000,000






  • Example of an annual management charge (AMC). You have a standard portfolio worth £200,000. The actual AMC would be 0.75% x £200,000 = £1,500. That is £125 per month.
  • Annual Management Charges cover the following:
    • Investment Research and investment monitoring.
    • Half-yearly reviews including valuations.
    • Annual taxation reports for dividends and Capital Gains Tax.
    • Ongoing investment advice.
    • Keeping you up to date with HMRC pension and ISA rules.
    • Monitoring the performance of your platform provider.
    • The costs of complying with the FCA’s compliance regulations which are designed primarily to protect investors from wrongful advice.
  • Our annual management charges relating to standard portfolios are calculated on a monthly basis and are taken each month from your platform; they will commence from the date on which your investments/cash are transferred onto the platform.
  • Our Annual Management Charges for IHT Exempt AIM portfolios are calculated on a quarterly basis and charged to your nominees, James Sharp, and paid by them (on your behalf) to Hamilton Financial. (James Sharp rebate 1/5 of their commission to us, and you, the client, get full credit for this, meaning that our management charges shown above are reduced).

Commission Charges on Buying and Selling Investments

Standard Portfolio on Platform IHT Exempt AIM Portfolio
HF Platform
Commission on Unit Trust trades Nil Normal charge £3.95 N/A
Commission on Investment Trust and UK Equity trades Nil Normal charge £3.95 N/A
Commission on Stockmarket Trades on first £7,000 N/A N/A 1.65%
Commission on Stockmarket Trades on balance N/A




  • The company is not currently registered for VAT. Even if we were, most of the work we do is exempt from VAT.


Hamilton Financial, Edinburgh, Updated May 2015

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